Mirror site for Garmin GPS Greece maps :)
very first version -

This is GPS map of of Greece by Peter P. (mapdekode) and uses uses the 117 projectcode in the Mapsource registry.
Here is complete installer: setupgreece.exe. It have V6.02 maps included and have to be installed in existing Mapsource directory

If you already installed this setup, you can download updates of partial files or complete dir in one file...

Current version: Version 11.07 (29.12.2011) -  whole "RR_Griechenland" dir in one file:

Obsolete version: 9.12 (31.12.2009.) in 5 partial files ("RR_Griechenland" dir):
1. 100_rr_nordo-gr.zip
2. 112_rr_nordw-gr.zip
3. 114_rr_suedw-gr.zip
4. 115_rr_suedo-gr.zip
5. 116_rr_kreta.zip

Regards, Aleksandar Lazovic
Kraljevo, Serbia